Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Way to Treat a Lady

Michelle Obama has come under attack. Rush Limbaugh has decided to set his sights on the American First Lady, critiquing her physique and her plan to help beat obesity in the US and calling her a hypocrite. It appears that the well-known pundit takes personal offense to someone taking up the cause of obesity, and why wouldn't he? The sight of so many obese people must make Limbaugh feel better about himself, as he must, in his own mind, consider himself to be quite svelte when compared with the current national problem. No reason to cancel that porterhouse steak, right, Rush? Not to mention the lucrative market for fast food and diet plans which naturally feed off each other as frustrated people move from one to another, getting off one treadmill and onto another.

Limbaugh further adds salt to the wounds (no pun intended here) by adding to his comments that Mrs. Obama doesn't look like the kind of woman we would see on Sports Illustrated or the kind of woman that Alex Rodriguez would date every six months or so. Which is interesting that a man best-known for his performance enhanced drug scandal is now being held as the golden standard of a man who knows how to select a fit woman- who also happens to be the waif-like Cameron Diaz. Add to that the fact that this fit couple was recently seen stuffing popcorn into her sweetheart's mouth at the Superbowl, another healthy American snack and no doubt, the very image of what fit America should aim for in the future.

And while Sports Illustrated does feature women on its cover, it's more famously known for its swimsuit edition, which features models that probably feast on celery and rice cakes. Also a great ideal for America to aim for, unless Limbaugh means that we should all become pro athletes.

But there's another issue here which Limbaugh seems to ignore completely. And that's the fact that this is no way to treat a lady. When it comes to women, every man worth his salt knows that there are certain topics that you don't touch with a twenty foot pole when it comes to women. There's a holy trinity, in fact: their age, their weight, and their virtue. Any man who dares venture to comment on any of these topics should be shown the door and it's clear from Limbaugh's statement that he aint no gentleman.

In the olden days, this would have led to an all out duel to defend the lady's honour. But in modern days, where we're all more civilized and mature, the only solution would be for Mrs. Obama to charge ahead and ignore Mr. Limbaugh. She may not have the body of Cameron Diaz, but Mrs. Obama is a healthy woman with a good mission. Educating the masses about the threat of obesity is a noble cause that could be of great benefit to her citizens and is far more helpful than below the belt comments by some self-important pudgy political commentator.

Michelle Obama will continue her mission and conduct herself with grace because she is a lady. And not just that, she is the FIRST lady- which means that she can do as she pleases.

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