Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The World Today

So let's say the aliens show up on Earth today and that they're a friendly, curious bunch. They want to know what's happening in the world and it just so happens that this has been a good news week, full of historic moments and firsts. Where should we begin?

The world is on high alert for terrorist attacks now that the news of Bin Laden's death has spread. While Pakistan was accused of harbouring Bin Laden and not cooperating with the US, it was actually Pakistan that assisted in the leader's takedown, leading to a strange quandary whereby the Western world isn't sure it should be grateful for their 'help' and the Eastern world is not at all happy with Pakistan aiding and abetting 'the great devil' known as the USA.

It is claimed that the body was identified and then buried at sea while observing Muslim rites. Many don't believe he's actually dead; while others are concerned that Muslim rites may not have been properly observed since he was buried at sea by Americans who are clearly not Muslim and the Muslims don't bury anyone at sea unless they've been travelling.

While the US celebrates its 'victory', it also warns that the war against terror is far from over while tornadoes rip through the country and the economy struggles to recover after billions of dollars bailed out the biggest banks at the expense of its people. So the unemployed victims of natural disasters are supposed to celebrate what could be the murder of a Muslim man who may or may not be Bin Laden, a move that will surely anger the Muslim world who wants retribution.

Canada just got a new government with a Conservative majority and Stephen Harper as its Prime Minister for another 4 years despite the fact that roughly 60% of the country does not want him as their leader. The country has been severely polarized with a Right wing majority set to fight with a Left wing Official Opposition and a vaporized Centre party. So basically every day at the Parliament is going to look like an awkward family dinner party where your grandparents tell you to beware of immigrants and your grandchildren tell them that gays will not ruin the country if they get married. We all know how those dinner parties end.

In other world news, billions of people around the world tuned in to watch the wedding of William of Wales and Kate Middleton, who became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. There is now a whole series of debates that have resulted around the role of the monarchy, the changing face of the monarchy in Britain, how much privacy the Royal Couple should have, whether or not William should overtake his father in the succession plan should the Queen keel, who liked Kate's dress and whether or not Kate should be given the title of Princess.

If the aliens ask me which is the most important issue of the day, I will take William and Kate. On the one hand, because the other issues simply boggle my mind and on the other, because my opinions will be completely lost in the void of an uncaring world that is slowly going to hell in a handcart.

I believe that the Royal Couple was more than generous with the public and the gutter media should now leave them alone. I believe that the monarchy's role is changing and that it's refreshing to see them play a more active role as citizens rather than as socialites with crowns. While titles are insignificant for the most part, I believe that William wants Kate to have the princess title simply because he considers her to be his equal in all things, which makes him a true gentleman and quite possibly one of the better husbands this world has to offer.

And I like the dress.

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