Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Who Doesn't Like Short Shorts?

Dana White is trying to put a stop to a controversy regarding his views on homosexuals. The culinary union which has a beef, pardon the pun, with the UFC President and his organization, has made the claim that he's anti-homosexual and cited a slur that he once used in an interview which they deemed homophobic. There is this idea that because of that one comment and comments made by fighters and trainers regarding the idea of training with gay fighters, that the whole UFC organization is homophobic.

That's ridiculous. How can any organization that promotes grappling on the ground with men in short shorts be homophobic? How can any organization which promotes such tight short shorts be considered homophobic? The whole premise is wrong.

While it's true that the super-macho world of ultimate fighting may not be a place for sissies, it's hardly anti-gay. Hyper masculinity is not a form of discrimination based on sexual orientation. While it may be deemed to encourage sexual stereotypes, it itself is not discriminatory by definition. The UFC stands for strength, endurance, competition and various forms of combat. That doesn't make it anti-gay.

And while it may be true that fighters have said homophobic things in the past, this is a sad reflection on themselves and their own personal opinions, opinions that White would be quick to disassociate himself and his organization with. He has even come out and said that he would like one of his gay fighters to come out and be open. It obviously isn't an issue for him.

The other point to consider in this whole debate is the accuser. The culinary union is fighting with promoters like White because they're anti-union and events taking place in Vegas with members of the local are probably in violation of the union rules. But turning around and accusing him of being anti-gay, when he is in fact, anti-union, is not fair.

If they have a problem with White and his anti-union stance, they should take him up on that point and on that point alone. It might be time for the culinary union to man up.

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