Monday, September 10, 2012

Politics go OMG!

Prince Harry's butt is back in the news- but this time, it's in danger. And we don't mean the wrath of the Queen or the voracity of the celebrity media; the Taliban has claimed publicly that it will do everything in its power to destroy Prince Harry, third in the line to the British throne.

The Taliban has probably chosen Prince Harry as a symbol of the occupying Western forces and his recent Vegas escapade photos have probably only fuelled the notion of Western excess and lack of morals. Even without the symbolism, Prince Harry is a well-known public figure in the media, a highly recognizable target, should he get hit. It would be a media field day if they were successful.

It begs the question whether or not someone as high profile as Prince Harry should even be involved in a secret military mission. He's been pulled from duty before for this reason, stating that his presence actually created a greater danger for his comrades. While the military is committed to protecting, as best as they can, all of its soldiers, and Harry is a professional within it, it's hard to believe that this isn't a similar case.

On the other hand, the whole situation is somewhat baffling. Yes, there is symbolism in taking down a crown prince from the United Kingdom, a symbol of enduring monarchy, but let's face it, Prince Harry is better known as a celebrity. He's a bad boy known for partying it up, while his clean as a thistle older brother is known as the heir, while he jokingly refers to himself as the spare. His life of extreme privilege and hard partying is not that far off from the Kanye Wests of the world. Could it be that the Taliban needs media?

What should be a political threat actually looks more like a publicity stunt. It's like the Taliban is playing for air time, regardless of how it comes. This is the kind of news that could show up on OMG and TMZ in addition to CNN and Fox News. Maybe the Taliban understands that the worst of the infidels watch and follow those shows. Perhaps this is just a logical expansion of their *target* demographic. *pun so intended.

Maybe the Taliban is coming of age. Maybe their next step is a Twitter account. Can't you just see it? Tell me you haven't thought of it. Deny that you're thinking about it right now. And you would Follow it, wouldn't you?

Or else...

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