Friday, April 9, 2010

Glamourous Jobs Wanted

I think a lot of us sit around in offices and wish that some magical call will come through to us, offering us the glamourous, high-paying, fun job that we've always really wanted. It's like when we were children and we used to play pretend and say that we were going to be such and such when we grew up. Some days, we wanted to be astronauts, other days, we wanted to be supermodels, and then on really quirky days, we wanted to be cats.

There are so many things that fascinate me that I would like to work in, so if anyone who comes from these professions is reading this, please get in touch with me. Please. Leave a post or something. Some sort of sign. Pretty please and thank you.


I've never wanted to be a pro athlete because even I'm not self-delusional enough to think that I could do more than run for the bus. But I've always wanted to be a sports writer, either writing fantastic sports fiction or fan writing on the sides or covering one team all season. I'd like to do the analysis, but I don't want to talk to players. Player interviews are generally not what you would call stimulating and I would hate to hear myself asking dumb questions like 'so how do you think you did?'

One of my dream jobs is to work in the war room in Toronto. To be surrounded by humongous, beautiful, clear screens just chockablock full of hockey. Making the big decisions of whether or not it goes over the line, squinting, angling, arguing. Looking to see paint. And then making the all-important calls to cheers and jeers.


As much as it sucks to serve drinks to people, I think that I would be willing to do it in order to get 4 weeks of vacation a year and travel first class anywhere in the world. A jet-setting life in a sweet little airline outfit while travelling around with pilots? That totally works for me. Too bad I'm not 5 foot 4 without shoes.

I would also love to be a travel agent, but I think that it would be difficult to book travel for people, all while thinking that I want to be on that vacation myself. But at least I would know the tricks of the trade and get cheap flights to great places. Not to mention all of the time spent swapping tales of cultural practices and language issues. It's kind of cool.

I think the sweetest deal in the travel world would be to work for a magazine like Conde Nest Traveller and go to the best destinations, writing reviews about crystal blue waters and lazy sunsets. I don't know what this place is that I'm talking about, but man, I want to go there.

Food and Drink

It would be really cool to own your own restaurant, brew pub or coffee shop. But this is a lot of work and a big investment. There's a ton of risk associated with this kind of business, but part of me thinks that it would be really cool. What a great feeling to get up in the morning and turn the key into the door of your own business.

I would love to be food and wine critic. Getting paid to eat in different restaurants every night, to try different wines and beers. But if it was that easy to get this job, we would all have it, right? You need a lot of expertise, experience, savoir faire and a fair palate for this. I would still be up for the challenge though. I love to eat out. All I need now is someone to pay me for it.


There are so many aspects of film that attract me. Casting, directing, editing. Being on a set all day, watching scenes come to life, characters form, things explode. The thing that I would really love to do is screenwriting. I know that many people see their scripts dismantled and repackaged several times over the course of a film and that it can be a long, exhaustive process over several years, but the end result is tangible and the rewards are many if you're successful. It's also great to see actors breathe life into a script, bringing emotion and passion into your stories and making them seem more real than real life. It must be a beautiful thing.


I absolutely love watching Fashion Television with Jeannie Beker. I totally fantasize about sitting in the front row in those swank chairs at a runway show and watching the skinny 6 feet tall glamazons strutting down the catwalk in platforms and edgy, sexy wear. What I wouldn't give to be around fabrics and textiles all day, surrounded by hats, accessories, shoes. It's like a never-ending shopping trip. Haute couture gowns and even the weird, expressive, unwearable stuff is fascinating. I would love to work for a fashion magazine, I don't care how many extra hot cappuccinos I have to pick up from Starbucks.

And yes, I am the same person who started this post by saying that I wanted to work in the war room in Toronto. If Flare and the war room calls at the same time, I can't be sure which one will win out. Flare would have to offer me a designer hand bag and the war room would have to offer me a night with the NHL player of my choice.

Of course, now I'm just dreaming. :)

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