Saturday, April 3, 2010

How you Know it's Easter

There are 5 telltale signs that it's Easter. Just for fun, I'm going to share mine:

5- Baseball. The fact that the grapefruit league has started to show up on the sports shows is a sure sign of both April and spring coming. Suddenly, rosters start to look interesting, pitchers start to look stronger than bulls and we all have a craving for hot dogs. The promise of a long, beautiful summer ahead with lazy, beer-filled days of watching baseball and smelling grass...What's Easter again?

4- Spring has sprung. We've been very lucky to have a run of great weather on Easter in recent years and now the telltale sign of Easter has become beautiful sunny weather and the feeling that spring has finally arrived.

3- The Pope's address. You know it's Easter because it's a heyday of media coverage for St. Peter's in Italy. There are pilgrims, tourists, bishops, priests and the Pope puts on his Sunday finest to bless the crowd.

2-The 10 Commandments. You know that it's Easter, because once a year, they decide to air this 14 hour Charlton Heston spectacle which was once the best of Hollywood, one of the most expensive movies ever made in its time, replete with bad acting, over the top effects and unforgettably big Moses hair.

1-Bwa Bwa Bwa (I don't know if that's how you spell that sound, but most people would recognize it if you heard it) Cadbury Creme Eggs commercials. This is the ultimate Easter indicator, the image of the fat white aviator bunny releasing sweet candy bombs on the world. Of all the things that don't change, the fact that this ad campaign stays the same is a really good thing. It makes the brand recognizable and completely inseparable from the holiday itself.

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