Friday, June 11, 2010

Sun Storm

As if you didn't have enough to fear in the world, it turns out that the sun may be gaining strength to unleash sun storms, the likes of which would devastate the planet more than Hurricane Katrina. Reports from meteorologists, space scientists and satellite specialists indicate that the sun could unleash an attack that may knock out our satellites in space and disrupt the earth's ionosphere to the point where it would trigger harsh reactions in our weather patterns leading to natural disasters.

So if you follow the news, not only do we have to beware of other people who may be terrorists, climate change which is taking out glaciers and wildlife, but we also have to fear space. And not in the form of alien invasions, but in the form of the sun itself.

But let's not forget all of the satellites out in space that we're using to communicate and entertain ourselves. They're one of the primary targets of the sun and are likely to cause more than just static disruptions on earth should this kind of disaster strike. So now you have to add your electronics to the list of things that you should fear right now.

There's no clear indication as to how this disaster will unfold or what the warning signs will be, but my guess is that if your PVR decides to suddenly make toast and your toaster starts to boss you around, well, maybe it's time to start unplugging a few things around the house.

All of the threats to life on earth, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, reminds you of how fragile our earth really is and how tenuous our existence on it is. We've been earth's tenants for millions of years, but the planet has had many other species come before us and who's to say it won't have more after us? Many scientists have predicted that despite all the damage that we've done to the earth, it will continue to exist without us, just as a vast wasteland, another rock in the Cosmos. We would do well to remember that when making decisions for the future.

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