Friday, March 4, 2011

Heart Attack Grill Sudden Death

It's never funny when a 29 year old dies, especially when their life is full of promise. But the recent demise of a 29 year old, 575 pound spokesman of a Phoenix-area restaurant known as the Heart Attack Grill is strangely ironic. It's like hearing that the Marlboro man died of lung cancer. The first reaction is: duh?

The Heart Attack Grill specializes in high calorie specialities such as fries cooked in lard, huge hamburgers and milkshakes. Is it any wonder that their spokesman died young? In fairness, he didn't exactly go out head first in a platter of food- sources say he may have died of a bout with pneumonia. But it's probably safe to assume that this man didn't have the most healthy lifestyle and that may or may not have contributed to his early death.

The restaurant founder says that Blair River, the man in question, was a creative genuis who was also planning a musical by the same name of the restaurant he represented. It's a shame that the world will never get to experience huge hamburgers and fries cooked in lard that sing. Perhaps someone from the restaurant will continue his legacy.

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