Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The American Empire: Gorging to Death

For those who are wishing for Death to America, they may be slowly getting their wish. Countries battered by abusive and instrusive American foreign policy in the past and in the present may be able to get some satisfaction out of the pounds of deep fried batter that is slowly, but surely, killing America, one new obese person at a time.

Recent studies have shown that in the past 16 years, the rate of obese people in the US has risen to almost 27% of the population and that this increase is causing a serious decline in the quality of life and life expectancy of these people. While this has been a boon for the diet supplement companies and reality tv producers, it's proven to be less than stellar for rates of diabetes and risk of cardiovascular diseases, not to mention kidney failure and other ailments which are a drain to the US's non-existent health care system.

The study also reveals, shockingly, that poor diet and physical inactivity may soon be the leading causes of death in the US. That hasn't happened since the Depression. And it's equally shocking given the accessibility to information about healthy living, the rise of healthy living new wave trends such as yoga and organic whole foods, and the prevalence of overpriced gym memberships. How did this happen?

Has fast food culture and the dependence on the car really reduced people to such inactive, drive-thru blobs? Or is it the failing economy that often forces poorer people to work multiple jobs and as a result, have no time for proper healthy meals and light exercise?

Or could it be a question of prioritization? It's a heck of a lot easier at the end of a long, pointless day at work to come home to a cheeseburger and your favourite show while sitting on the couch. Nobody really enjoys peeling, dicing and chopping when they get home. And a lot of people find walking around for no reason to be boring and unfulfilling. Not to mention how unflattering workout gear can be on more rounded individuals. Nobody wants to walk around with their stomach flab on display.

Maybe the anorexic models are too much for us to take? Maybe we're tired of trying to look like a Victoria Secret Angel and would rather have a tub of ice cream and look over magazines that have celebrities with cellulite in them. That actually sounds really nice.

As nice as all this sounds, and as much as we make excuses for ourselves, this all really breaks down to one thing: lack of discipline.

The real key to all this is discipline. Good old fashioned, no-nonsense tough love discipline. The kind that has your parents' nagging voices behind it, telling you to get some fresh air and exercise and that eating brussel sprouts won't kill you. None of this "I don't like vegetables" crap. None of this "exercise bores me" crap. None of this "work's too hard" crap.

It's all just crap that people use to justify laziness and procrastination. The American culture is one that is so grossly entitled and narcissistic that it seems to believe that regular rules don't apply to them and that there's no reason for them to work hard to get good results. Everything which is not pleasant or doesn't contribute to a person's pleasure of life is viewed as a hassle and waste of time, when they're really just life. Life is hard. And you have to work at it.

America, like the Roman Empire, may be another decadent, self-indulgent, self-important people too busy staring at themselves lovingly in the mirror to realize what is going on all around them. That's when empires fall. They die inside before outsiders even make it to the gates. Invasions occur when they're busy feasting and looking for sweets.

Those who are wishing for the death of America may have to wait awhile, but it seems like waiting is all that they will have to do. Americans themselves are slowly gorging themselves to death, dying out sooner than expected and living shorter, painful lives with diseases linked to their negligent lifestyles.

The most powerful nation in the world may be taken down by its own ravenous appetites. What a sad and appropriate fate.

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