Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Buyer Beware- very very beware

Pavers threaten non-payers with bombings, sex assaults and livestock killings (see full article on yahoo.ca)

Let the buyer be very very beware when it comes to contractors. While it's a generally known fact that hiring the wrong contractor can lead to disastrous results, all of which will be uncovered by Mike Holmes in a Holmes Inspection, it appears that some clients in B.C. got more than they bargained for when they were threatened with bombings, sexual assault and livestock killings. From the traumatic to the puzzling, it appears that this group is not only creative when it comes to retribution, they also felt free to simply walk off the job before it was done.

What really strikes me in this article is the following statement:

The public needs to be aware that hiring a work crew off the street might not be a good idea, MacDonald said.

How true. Just like buying sushi out of someone's trunk is not a good idea and purchasing watch off that well-seeming man with dozens of them on the street corner is also not a good idea.

There are some investments in life where cutting corners doesn't pay off. Doing your research is the most important part of getting any service done. That's why good referrals are the best asset any businessperson can have. Smart businesspeople know that the true way to get good client base is to do good work and pass the word along. We trust our friends and neighbours to tell us good places to go and people that we can trust when we need a job done. And that's best left to the experts, good ones, when we can find them.

Yet another example of how forming a good relationship with people can save you lots of aggravation. And maybe your herd of cows, too.

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