Monday, November 15, 2010

Facebook Status: Not Amused

Cheery good news! It appears that the Queen of England has a Facebook page. But alas, it will not be an interactive Facebook page where you can 'friend' her. The page will be run by Buckingham Palace staff on behalf of her Majesty and will be used to send out messages to the public on behalf of the Royal Family. It will also serve to update the public about events that will be held at any of the royal palaces.

While this is disappointing news for all those monarchy fans out there who would love to get daily, nay, hourly updates on the Queen's whereabouts and movements, as well as moods, it does give us an occasion to dream. Let's imagine, for a moment, what the Queen's page would look like:

Name: Queen Elizabeth

Occupation: Queen of All England (and the Isles, too, they just don't know it)

Residence: Buckingham Palace, Windsor Palace, various summer homes and estates, too many to count, LOL

Likes: Tea, Horses, ceremonial robes, tiaras, polo, peas, English cuisine, theatre, history, rugs, museums, visiting dignitaries and making them uncomfortable

Dislikes: peasants, the Duchess of York, soccer hooligans, non-pastel colours, crowds that need to be waved to, talk of marriages, tabloids, the fools in the tabloids, pop music, smiling, that strange man who runs Canada right now for some reason

Facebook Status: Perennially Not Amused

Now that's a 'friend' we would like to have.

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