Monday, December 6, 2010

A Whole Lot of Hatin' Goin' On

I am not proud of Canada's culture, cuisine or that water-based concoction that's supposed to pass for beer. What I generally am proud of is Canada's openness, the multicultural tradition of welcoming all types of people and not identifying them by their race or religion. But I must have missed the memo that said that Canada was switching to racism.

Admitedly, it would be in keeping with the times. What with the rough economic situation and the looming threat of terrorism at any given moment, it makes sense that countries are naturally turning inwards and protecting themselves against what they consider outsiders and visible minorities are the easiest targets. It is, after all, easier to spot enemies when they look different. It's also natural that when people are at risk of losing what they have or have been entitled to in the past, such as pensions, jobs, benefits, etc, that the desire to share with others is somewhat affected.

It's also very de rigeur at the moment, ever since the German Chancellor proclaimed that multiculturalism was dead, that the project had failed. France has always been very hostile to outsiders, so this is nothing new to them. Greece, even though it's not rich in minorities, has also lashed out against their minorities in the fight to protect their rights. And even Switzerland has gotten into the act in years past when they passed a law forbidding turrets on mosques within their communities.

So why not Canada? It seems that Canada has finally jumped on the racist bandwagon. Our neighbours to the South are probably relieved. Maybe we'll finally get rid of that Mexican problem they've been griping about for years. And don't forget all the Cubans that we're supposedly harbouring.

MacLeans has fearlessly led the charge with an article critiquing Canadian universities as being too Asian. And now the Ontario Minor Hockey Association has dealt a blow at a disobedient coach who dared to pull his team off the ice after a racial slur towards one of his players. Yes, the rule book is about to be thrown at this non-non-discrimination believer! He may be banned for the rest of the season.

And wouldn't that serve him right? I mean, to think that there was still someone out there who still believes in all of this multiculturalism garbage? It's so passe. It went out with the 60s and all that can't we just get along crap. The answer is no, we can't. We tried, it failed. Everyone should just move on, get with the program and continue to hate each other and make life as difficult as possible for those who are not exactly like us. Conformity and silence are the new waves of the future.

Tolerance will not be tolerated.

I'm not a proud Canuck right now. But like most Canadians, I will follow the age old tradition of every other displeased Canadian when faced with something unpleasant: I'll be quiet.

Except for this blog, of course.

And I apologize in advance for whoever this will offend. I do realize that even haters have their rights.


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