Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get Some Writers

Hollywood needs to read the memo which states that audiences are sick of remakes. Upon hearing that the classic coming of age love story Dirty Dancing is going to be remade, I immediately had the same reaction as when I hear that liver and onions are about to be served. It's bad enough that Hollywood is cranking out superhero franchise after superhero franchise, re-casting them with different actors in an effort to find the magic box office formula, as well as creating endless amounts of sequels for movies that worked well the first time, the LAST thing we need at the moment is another remake.

Footloose and Fame and all the other classic 80s films are all getting a makeover. And while it's nice for a new generation to see these films, why not just show them these films? How does it improve Footloose to have Zac Efron in it? Does it make the film any better than the original? No.

The problem is when Hollywood gives classic films a face lift, it often forgets to inject it with the same heart or character. Star Wars, anyone? All the CG in the world can't make up for robotic acting performances or bad writing. The original Star Wars at least had charm and well-developed characters. Who cares if that alien is a trash can with aluminum foil feet? We still wanted Luke, Leia and Han to be safe.

Hollywood- get some writers. Get some original ideas for a change. Stop borrowing from the past. Take a few risks. While audiences continue to eat up superhero films, it's also because we've been given very little else to choose from. Movies provide an escape for us, but they also should provide a new experience- not an old one wrapped up in a new format.

And while we're on the topic, stop making Mission Impossible films with Tom Cruise. The franchise worked once when it was new and clever. Now it's getting old and repetitive, like its highly predictable star who's made a career out of talking intensely and running while pumping both arms.

This doesn't mean that we want to see a lot of art house drama. A well done blockbuster is just as good as a well done period piece. It just means that audiences need a change.

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