Friday, August 5, 2011

Paging the Pimple Doctor

A story broke out recently (pardon the pun) regarding Kim Kardashian and her psoriasis. In it, the reality star revealed that she had recently been diagnosed with this condition which has no cure and reveals itself in the form of blotches on your skin. She was devastated at the news, stating that her whole career is centered around her beauty and how the press has a field day whenever she gains a pound, so they would not likely be so forgiving of her skin condition.

While it's a shame that Kim Kardashian's sudden realization that a career built on beauty may be put into jeopardy, psoriasis websites, scientists, dermatologists and support groups have jumped on the opportunity to shed some light on this important skin condition. Realizing the potential of a sexy spokesperson, one website in particular, psoriasis cure now, is taking advantage of this news piece to create awareness of this disease.

For Kim, she must have known at the age of 30, that her reign as a beauty queen able to live completely off an infamous bum profile would have to come to an end one day. It may be time to go to college or invest in a career that is not entirely rump dependent.

For those who suffer from various forms of psoriasis, this skin disease, while uncomfortable and uncurable, is not deadly. Scientists have developed creams and other treatments to assist people with this condition, in the full knowledge that having bad skin can make you unhappy and less confident. But while it's highly laudable that some people feel strongly that awareness and support should go towards this issue, I think a lot of scientists are focused more on other things, such as, oh I don't know, cancer.

The psoriasis cure now website fully acknowledges that this disease will not put Kim Kardashian in the ugly pile, but they're happy to have her as their latest poster child, seeing as their last one, Ben Franklin, wasn't generating the type of web traffic that he used to.

Psoriasis, like its cousin diseases eczema, are uncomfortable and do impact the quality of life for those who suffer with them. But it is not debilitating as the website seems to indicate. There is no strong research evidence to link it to dangerous diseases or underlying conditions. It is also not traumatic, as the website describes it.

Let's call it like we see it and say that a rash is a rash and people should get over it, sufferers and onlookers alike. And work on other important things, like
that skin cancer.

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