Friday, September 24, 2010

Another reason to love vegetables

There's another reason to love vegetables: they can save your life. A woman in Montana successfully fended off a bear attack in her home by throwing a large zucchini at it during a scuffle. The bear had entered her backyard in order to eat apples off her tree. When she let out her dogs for their nightly ritual, the dogs barked at the bear and the confrontation ensued.

Parents are always telling their children to eat their vegetables because they're good for you and because they help you to grow strong and fit. Growing your own vegetables is even better, because then you can avoid chemicals and pesticides and enjoy the freshest crops. And now, you can defend yourself with them.

If this woman was a couch potato, she would not have been able to fend off a bear with a bag of chips. That would not have worked. She would have had to throw them at the bear and then the bear would have eaten them off the floor and then he would have moved in and she would have had to live the rest of her natural life with her dogs and the bear and they would watch tv every night on the couch with chips.

The simple moral of this story is that it's better to be healthy and to be active, because you never know what will happen next in life and when you might have to defend yourself with locally grown produce. It may also be helpful to learn to run. You never know when you might need to bail on a wild animal attack- and it's helpful if the zombie apocaplypse occurs.

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