Thursday, September 30, 2010

Famous Last Words?

Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals may have penned his famous last words as he tweeted to his fans to pick up his cereal and 'start the day with a lil suga'. Given the benefit of the doubt, it would be safe to assume that Ochocinco was not yet aware that the charity phone number on his cereal box to promote the cause of Feed the Children, actually led to a phone sex chat line. This is a classic case of why you should do things yourself rather than trusting people to do them for you; Ochocinco will probably not endorse another charity or associated product without first calling them up himself. A good lesson learned for the future.

As expected, this has caused a little bit of controversy in grocery stores across the U.S, who are madly pulling the cereal boxes off the shelves. The company responsible for this mishap will surely get its knucles rapped for being so negligent. As funny as the situation appears to the average reader, it's a real detriment to the image of the player associated with it and to the charity which will not be benefitting, as promised, from donations. It tarnishes the reputation of everyone involved in what was supposed to be a good cause and would probably make most athletes think twice before signing on for similar good endeavours.

It's unfortunate that this happened out of something that had good, wholesome intentions. But maybe some good can come out of this. Maybe the adult sex chat line will pony up with a donation to the charity- their business must be good, after all, since they're getting so many calls, misdirected as they may be.

A final lesson: be careful what you tweet.

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