Friday, September 24, 2010

The French know how to do it

Another good reason to move to Montreal: the women there have more sexy time than any other province in the country. 55% of women in Montreal reported being sexually active, the highest percentage in the country, followed closely by Vancouver at 47%, showing that they carry much more than the Olympic flame.

Sadly, Ontario, home to small town farms, overworked Torontonians and sad-eyed public servants, came in dead last at 42%. Not a significant percentage drop, except when you consider the how often scale (once a week, twice a week, up to 3-4 times a week).

The poll was conducted by a Vancouver-based company and reveals what we pretty much already know about the bedroom tendencies of the nation. The French know how to do it. Not just how to get more sexy time; but how to live. That's their joie de vivre philosophy: good food, good wine, good company and you can add good lovelife to that equation. Unlike the anglophone trinity of work hard, save your pennies and try not to die before you get your pension.

Vancouver is also unique with its grassroots, eco-friendly, activist filled population. It makes sense that these people love more because they care more. They're more engaged on every scale: they're politically active, they're environmentally conscious, they have causes and they fight for what they think is right. Of course that translates well into the bedroom. These people care about things. They care about each other. If they didn't, there wouldn't be any reason to fight for anything.

Then there's the Prairies that follow with a reasonable number and finally, Ontario, the province that fun forgot. It seems to me that the Ontario women need to take a cue from their Quebecois counterparts and let their hair down once or twice a week, grab a glass (or two) of wine and take a night off from laundry and Blackberries. It would do them the world of good.

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