Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good for Vancouver

Vancouver is one of Canada's coolest cities. It's got that grassroots, bohemian chic, community-based, eco-loving vibe that makes it one of the best places to live- not to mention the mild weather and the proximity of the ocean. They have the Vancouver Canucks, Stanley Park, and like any major metropolis, quality shopping and dining.

They've also recently shown that they have class. Sarah Palin dropped into Vancouver to give a speech to some well-heeled Conservatives out West, an invitation only affair that cost about $500 a head to hear her speak about her book about herself. And the greatest part? Nobody else showed up.

The only interested protester was there to protest Canada's poor Kyoto record. There was no fanfare, no mass protest and not even curious citizens. This sends a pretty clear message out there about how Vancouver residents feel about Palin: indifferent. And good for them.

The people who admire her are generally hardline Conservatives who have no regard for the environment. These are the people who dropped the money to see her. The people who criticize her are giving her a power that she doesn't deserve to have because it assumes that her opinions are valid or fact-based. You don't engage a person like that anymore than you get into a debate with the crazy street lady with the shopping cart full of cats.

Good for Vancouver to show her the recognition that she deserves. Good for them for not giving her credence or press.

If Tina Fey, however, showed up dressed as Sarah Palin...

Then I think you'd have to close Robson street.

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