Friday, October 1, 2010

Today in News

The following are a series of immature observations on today's news for October 1st (it's also Friday- so we all need a break from the serious stuff).

Don't make the little people angry- it appears that Peter Jackson and his company Wing Nut Productions is under fire for labour disputes with actors involved in the two Hobbit movies, prequels to the famous multilbillion earning Lord of the Rings series. Peter Jackson claims that the actors' union in New Zealand is not a certified union, which is why they've refused to negotiate minimum terms and conditions for actors from the country. I'm no Tolkien genius, but I'm pretty sure that I know what all hobbits want: 3 breakfasts a day.

China and India may go to war- or not. It appears that speculation is growing that the two super powers of Asia may go to war over political, economic and territorial disputes that date back hundreds of years. This duel may come as the two countries increase their power and fight for top spot on the world's list. Both countries have millions in their armies and nukes. This begs the obvious question: can Chinese dragons win a fight against the multi-armed Vishnu?

China is planning to send people to the moon- catching up late to the space wars that characterized American and Russian jockeying for power back in the 60s, China is catching up with a heavily subsidized space program just as other nations are facing budget cuts. Looks like a giant step for Asia is ahead- maybe India will follow suit.

South Korea is more than a little disgusted and mystified that North Korea's successor to Kim Jong Il is his portly son. The obvious question of how one man can be so fat when his people are starving to death has been asked several times over in the South. Looks like dictatorship comes with endless fridge privileges.

And finally, coming back to local news, Canada has bid farewell to one Governor General and called in another. While some nations find it puzzling that Canada maintains this old symbolic tradition of the Queen's presence in Canada, others will be even more mystified by the fact that it's a dude. The funniest part of the whole story? No matter how well-educated and honourable this man is in his write up, the real newsmaker has been his granddaughter Emma, blowing kisses as he was announced in his new post. People are interested in credentials, but they will always be swayed by sweet children and puppies. Just check out youtube.

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