Thursday, October 7, 2010

Someone call the Heart and Stroke Foundation

Quick! Someone call the Heart and Stroke Foundation! It looks like a new wave of arterty clogging is about to take over the country, as KFC introduces Canada to the infamous Double Down, a hand held sandwich with no bread that has two pieces of original chicken, bacon and two kinds of cheese. See the following link for a picture, along with the suggested variety combo add-ons, namely a fountain drink and fries.

KFC already has a bad reputation in Canada due to its sodium content, its fat and its supposed cruelty to chickens as declared by PETA. In the past, Canada has been a marketplace that has been mostly reluctant to take on "American-sized" fast food, what with the new big Beefy from Taco Bell just making its debut in a hilariously accurate commercial featuring shocked Europeans and Japanese. "Why does everything from America have to be so big?" asks the snooty cricket player. Although this commercial is meant to poke fun at him, I think it's safe to say that most of us actually agree with him.

It doesn't surprise me to see yet another fatty snack coming to Canadian franchises courtesy of the nation that invented baconnaise, an innovative spread that combines the fatty power of bacon with the cholesterol raising power of mayonnaise. It is disappointing, however, to see commercial profit considerations coming before health considerations.

90% of respondents in a survey for KFC stated that they thought that the Double Down should come to Canada. Only 45% of them said that they would actually try it themselves. Meaning that we support the consumer's right to choose, even if they're not choices that we ourselves would make. I'm pretty sure that the 90% knows at least one person who will try the Double Down just to say that they did. There's a glutton for punishment in every group.

I just hope that more AEDs will be installed within a certain distance of the KFC. This is one celebration that we might want to break out the paddles for.

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